About Us

Jonnay Lawrence - Artist

Amanda Lawrence - CEO


The key to happiness is doing what you love. My name is Jonnay Lawrence and I've always considered myself a born artist. I've been involved with art all my life from kindergarten to my senior year in high school. I took every art class and shop class that was offered at that time. One of my high school teachers once gave me an AA++ on a project and apologized she couldn't give me a better grade. I’ve worked with clay, leather, wood burning, and Carving. I've also worked with papier Mache, silk screening, charcoals, pen, ink and pencils.

I have also worked with watercolors, oil paints, acrylics and house paint. I've painted many murals in restaurants and homes on their walls. Taught myself faux painting and Venetian plaster. I'm an inventor holding one patent and a few in the works.

I also collected over 365 positive quotes, most of which are mine. I’ve made brick and coral out of drywall mud and house paint. I can make a metal door look like wood. Mostly my artwork has always been realism but more recently been working on canvas and Acrylics, painting my version of abstract art. I believe my greatest achievement is yet to come.